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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crossing the memory Lane...


Well. right now I am feeling a bit nostalgic & so decided to take a tour through my memory lane...

Some of the images may be a little hazy or blurred ...
but still it continues to exist in a very special way
                                                        deep down my heart!!!

Yeah I just loved Disney's "Beauty & the beast"

I was 10 years old when I drew that.... 

Yeah yeah I was a mad fan of TINTIN comics...well I still am...10 years

Greek Goddess Athena...inspired from "illiud"....11 years

I love Disney's Aladin!!!...12 years.

Just wanted to give it a black n' white effect...6 years!!!

Inspired from "PANCHATANTRA" ...10 years

The great Mughol emperor "Jalaluddin Mahammad Akbar"...10 years

Just a hot summer day...6 years!!!

The great elephant...using old pastel colours...7 years!!!

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