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Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Wish...

When you were in pain
  feeling like nothing to regain,
when you cried out loud,
   in sheer agony, but in vain...

I wish , I could be there,
   I wish that I could stay,
I wish to be your shelter then,
   and taking it all away...

When you got lost,
   got lost in a dark maze,
with nothing but mist around,
   heavy silence, with dark and haze...

I wish, I could be the path,
   to show you the right way,
I wish, I could be the light,
    pushing all the darkness away...

When you bleed your heart out
   and when you shed tears,
when you just show your pain,
and then, letting out your fear...

I wish, I could care more
   and soothe up all the pain,
I wish, I could wipe the tears,
   until no sorrow remains...

When you say, you're a wound,
   you just want to disappear,
when you feel nothing is left,
   and got immersed in despair...

I wish, I could be the hope
   making you dream again,
I wish, I could be your one,
   to show you a lot remains...

When you just smile
   and sometimes you just grin,
the way your face lit up,
   if you know what I mean...

I wish, I could capture the smile,
  and place it in your heart forever,
I wish, I could be with you
   every time & everywhere !!!