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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Untill that day...

I'm waiting for a day,
a lovely day.
I'm waiting for a night,
a dreamy night.

Wanna run on a way,
a peaceful way.
 Wanna get away,
away from fight.

Wanna seek the dream,
dream of my heart...
With a glowing mind,
not falling apart.

Wanna feel the soul,
that gives me love...
Wanna fly away,
like a wild dove.

Wanna be hold,
wrapped in strong arms...
wanna be taken,
away from harm.

Absorbing the warmth,
in scent of my mate...
Wanna be merged,
embracing the fate.

Away, away,
from the mortal world...
 In dark, in ray,
with each rise 'n fall.

Taking refuge,
in his minds's inn...
Wanna touch the love,
the soul within.

Wanna calm my heart,
wanna rest in peace...
closing my eyes,
breathing in bliss.

I'll tear, i'll run,
I'll hunt all the way...
until I find, UNTIL...
until that day...