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Monday, September 19, 2011

Little boy :)

Little boy, little boy
is opening his eyes.
Little boy, little boy
such a divine device.

Little boy, little boy,
What are you looking there?
Little boy, little boy,
are you happy or scared?

Little boy, little boy,
is swinging his head,
flailing fists madly, 
as the sleep begins to fade.

Little boy, little boy,
is wildly looking around.
Little boy, little boy,
pat the soil on ground.

Little boy, little boy,
is watching cloudy sky.
Starts giggling madly,
as the rain comes by.

Little boy, little boy,
suddenly starts to cry,
as the thunder roars above
n' the lightning flashes eyes.

Little boy, little boy,
is scooped in soft arms.
Little boy, little boy,
is snuggling to the warmth.

Little boy, little boy,
has found a pair of eyes.
So loving, so caring...
with truth and no lies.

Little boy, little boy,
is listening to the tune
soft cooing voice,
so full of fortune.

Little boy, little boy,
is closing his eyelids,
peacefully got drifted,
to the magical world of sleep.

"Sleep my baby", the mother says,
cradling the baby, to her chest...
kissing his head, the mother wonders,
at her little bundle of fate.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Untill that day...

I'm waiting for a day,
a lovely day.
I'm waiting for a night,
a dreamy night.

Wanna run on a way,
a peaceful way.
 Wanna get away,
away from fight.

Wanna seek the dream,
dream of my heart...
With a glowing mind,
not falling apart.

Wanna feel the soul,
that gives me love...
Wanna fly away,
like a wild dove.

Wanna be hold,
wrapped in strong arms...
wanna be taken,
away from harm.

Absorbing the warmth,
in scent of my mate...
Wanna be merged,
embracing the fate.

Away, away,
from the mortal world...
 In dark, in ray,
with each rise 'n fall.

Taking refuge,
in his minds's inn...
Wanna touch the love,
the soul within.

Wanna calm my heart,
wanna rest in peace...
closing my eyes,
breathing in bliss.

I'll tear, i'll run,
I'll hunt all the way...
until I find, UNTIL...
until that day...