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Friday, August 31, 2012

Rain soaked sunbeam ~~~

The soft, orange, dusky sun,
touches me with grace...
It lights up the shadows,
across my worn out face.

I close my eyes,
just feeling the gleam...
the orange blessing,
from the horizon rim.

Aura of gold, just filtering through
the tinted fleecy cloud...
falling on earth, with a shimmery hue
not so shiny, not so loud.

Heat turns to warmth,
from yellow to pink...
summoning the eve,
to get merged in sync.

Should chase my dream
which i used to think...
In a sudden whim, I just, 
let it go in a blink.

Dreams are to dream,
dreams are to feel...
not to drag it down,
in real life reel.

Should be treasured with care,
in the corner of my mind...
Whenever I want, whenever I wish,
it's only for me to find.

Soft sun, golden earth,
seems different, seems a new realm...
Finally I've got, my very own
rain soaked golden sunbeam.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh God !!!

Take my hand,
guide me through the path of life...

From the darkness,
take me to the purity and light.

From the maze,
help me to find the way out...

From my heart,
remove all the pain and doubt.

Put me on a blindfold and hold me,
enlightening my inner sight,
Oh God! lead me, lead me to you,
to the truth and to the right.

From the mirage,
from the illusion of world...

Clutches of earthy sentiments,
which always makes me fall.

Take me away,
away from delusions of mind...

Just hold me please
destroying all the binds.

I submit myself,with blind trust,
I am submitting myself to you...

Just be with me God, just be with me
I can't be without you.

Earthy body, earthy mind,
from them just make me free...
Oh God! take my soul, draw me in you
forever, for eternity !!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The lost path...

Staring up at the night sky,
trying to trace the way,
 which used to be my light...

I see the stars, I see the moon,
seems like just 
the passers by !!!

Seems known, yet so unknown
full of delusions,
full of lies...

Trying to find the path 
which just used to be
my soul, my inner sight!!!

Seems like it's gone, seems it's lost
seems got buried
deep inside...

The path of mine,
I used to own
the sole sanctuary, used to be mine!!!

The path of truth,
enlightening the earth
light up the entire, vast black sky...

So pure, with its soft glow,
 used to soothe down
my aching heart and tormented mind!!!

Need to be free, once again,
need to regain
my old sight...

Leaving behind, all earthy illusions
all the smiles, all the joys
all painful cries !!!

I let my soul, be free again,
I let my mind
to fly high...

to get merged with the essence
n' finding once again,
my true self, a truer life!!!

Through the galaxy, once again
I'll fly
like a free bird...

As a single soul, as a free spirit
with a pure and
with a golden heart !!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Love is freedom, love is the most powerful emotion, love is blessing... Love appeals differently to different mind, love is interpreted uniquely by every soul. But to me love is just love, so unpredictable yet so simple... so full of emotions yet so pure... To me love is always putting that person's desires, dreams, emotions, beliefs, principles, priorities and every thought forward... So if that person thinks love is freedom, so be it. If that person thinks love is unbound, so be it and if that person wants to go away forever, so be it...