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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


In a place...somewhere,
in a time...sometime,
in a day... some day,
when all bells, will chime...

Will be back, with a feel,
with a heart, that glows,
for there, I believe,
is a new tomorrow!!! 

In rain, may be not,
it may be sunny day,
may be near, may be not,
may be far far away...

I know, from the moment,
as I started to grow,
I'll return again,
with a new, tomorrow!!!

With a music...some tune,
with a lyric...some words,
with a rythm... some beats,
in deep down your hearts...

With the vibes, so new,
with the waves, so wild..
will be back, as a thought
as tomorrow's, li'l child!!!

In a way, as a soul,
I'll still, be alive...
in air, in sounds,
I will, survive.

I'll wait, as the time
continues to row,
keeping up, my hopes
for the rise of, tomorrow!!!