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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Alternate UnIvErSe...

Not every wish comes true. Not every desire is fulfilled. Not every dream comes alive. That’s when they turn into illusions, beautiful illusions. When dream hits the reality, sometimes it gets merge with it, and sometimes just gets lost. But what if each and every desire of one’s life got shattered whenever it collides with reality or whenever it gets out of the mind of the dreamer? Well, then the person is called a true dreamer, who knows how to dream but never knows how to live.  Well, then again life itself the biggest illusion. Is it not? Who knows, whatever we are seeing, hearing, smelling are the actual truth or not? Dreams, wishes and desires are just an alternate universe which one’s mind creates. Another universe that is different than the regular one, the so called real one. A very unique one that is full of so called unrealistic illusions. But the true soul of this kind of universe is devoid of any kind of harm to others. It never ever stores tears, despair and sadness for others. It never hurts other.