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Monday, April 30, 2012

I've realized...

Nobody's mine,
I am nobody's.
Nobody's yours,
you are nobody's...

Live alone 'n free, if you're wise,
The truth of life, that I've realized!

Lean on nobody,
neither you rely.
Find your inner self,
that you don't deny...

Hide your tears always,
                 just show that you smile,
Oh yes! the truth of the life,
                 that I've realized.

Don't show your pain,
in front of those eyes,
which can only see,
but never realize...

the love in your heart, 
                 beneath those empty sighs...
the bare truth of life,
                 that I've realized.

Never blab your heart
in front of those ears,
which refuse to feel but,
are just there to hear...

Don't search for a shoulder,
                     to lean on and cry...
the raw truth of life,
                     that I've realized.

Wait for nobody,
to be there for you,
long for nobody,
who understands you,

just move on, 
                 holding your head up high,
the truth, simply truth of life,
                  that I've realized.

Never stretch your arms,
in the hope of being taken,
never give away your heart,
which's bound to be broken,

just be calm 
                 and just keep quiet
that's the truth of life,
                 that I've realized.

Not a single heart is there,
which is longing for your touch.
You are just a mere healer,
nothing more, nothing much.

You're supposed to disappear,
with the new sunrise,
the truth, the hardest truth of life,
                   that I've realized.

If you feel the pain,
in other's eyes,
try to heal them all,
instead of walking by...

The true way to live,
                  before you die.
That's the truth, the truth,
                   that I've realized.