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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Climbing high...

'Am walking alone,
            on a way...
no shadowy path I find,

Shouldering my dreams,
        carrying out the hopes,
in the heart of shattered mind.

Just walking alone,
       just moving along,
leaving the past behind...

Embracing hindrances,
       kissing the path,
no lookin' back of any kind.

That's the way of life
        That's the way...
               Way of climbing high!

Bright laughter
        or dark tears,
once have fallen by...

Moments were made,
     memories appeared
engraved in corner of mind.

Thoughts had got,
     brand new colours
to paint the dreams by...

Turning away,
'am back to my world,
shaded with just, black and white.

That's the way of life
        That's the way...
               Way of climbing high!

'Am gonna face the stones,
       gonna face the thorns,
with bravery, still inside...

'Am gonna move on,
        not letting the past,
dragging me down from behind.

Loving my grey world,
      I just travel along,
with my utterly foolish mind...

At the end of unknown, 
     stands a new hill,
so unique and one of a kind.

There's always a new,
       a new height,
a new way to climb high...

Through the hill of life
      I'm just climbing on,
as the evening draws nigh.