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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Wolf's Cry~~~~~~~~

The sun's gone down,
with the hint of twilight.
Moon comes up,
beneath the starlit sky...

The wolf starts to rise,
the wolf starts to howl,
looking for its lost love,
for its lost love alone.

Stretching  its savage body,
glaring the silvery moon,
 tearing the silence, it growls
for its mate, it used to own.

It knows no barrier,
it knows no fright...
just running fiercely,
ripping the stillness of night.

Searching every bit of ground
with its sniff & wolfish eyes.
Longing for a single sound...
a single one, if it finds...

The wolf is hunting,
with a bleeding heart & mind,
as the dark, silent night,
is slowly passing by.

Suddenly, letting out a sharp cry,
it throws itself outta' sight,
as a patch of ground is enlightened,
by a single stroke of golden light.

The golden orb of sun, peering slowly,
pushing the moon to horizon end...
Until the time comes,
until the wolf rides again!!!

(Dedicated to the character Remus John Lupin aka Mooney, from Harry Potter series)