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Monday, April 19, 2010

The daily "little things"…

Sometimes a little smile, a little friendly “HEY”,

With a snap, just like that it makes my entire day.

Other times a lot of happiness, seems totally worthless

As something is missing, a bit that’s the least of even the less

Just a patch of grey cloud in the mid summer season

Makes me bloom into joy without any logic or reason

But a lot of cloud with thunder & rain during monsoon

& I wait for a  yellow ray that might come out in the afternoon

Looking at the flower shop on my daily way

Through my limbs a new freshness has just started to play
 Costly bouquet in  plastic vase, with organised flowers with careful touch...

Honestly speaking, but sometimes it really seems like a bit "too much"

The evening citylights & sparkling shops on my way back home
 Inspires me with its brightness & my mind starts to roam

Can’t see the starlight, as they are so far far away…

just got merged with the bright city, in an inevitable way.

Slowly night drops in, spreading a nice tiredness through my veins

White moon, lights up the dark, shining in the starlit heaven.

Retired to bed, simply thinking a bit of this & bit of that

Thinking about a perfect day that I think I might just had

But the day was just regular, just like another ordinary day,
Oh sure it was ordinary,but in a nice & extraordinary way!!!