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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sometimes I'm harsh, sometimes may be cold,
Sometimes feeling young, other times really old.

Sometimes I'm happy, then suddenly gone too sad...
sometimes feeling good & sometimes it feels really bad.

It's a series of emotions, too unpredictable...
dunno whether I, at all become stable

I lead my life or life leads me in its own way...
boarding on the swing of mood, I simply just glide away.

"MOODY", you may call me, may be Weirdo sometimes.
You may think I'm crazy, but I'll continue to rhyme.

I don't care about body & don't care about mind,
as they'll fall into shadow, slowly as time's passing by.

I'm not a chaser, but an acceptor as a whole.
I'm not ambitious, neither I set my goal.

I just accept the bounties of life, to be plain,
without even thinking, without making one single complain.

Right now I feel elated, so fresh like morning dew,
as sun shines high spreading its majestic golden hue!!!