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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sometimes I'm harsh, sometimes may be cold,
Sometimes feeling young, other times really old.

Sometimes I'm happy, then suddenly gone too sad...
sometimes feeling good & sometimes it feels really bad.

It's a series of emotions, too unpredictable...
dunno whether I, at all become stable

I lead my life or life leads me in its own way...
boarding on the swing of mood, I simply just glide away.

"MOODY", you may call me, may be Weirdo sometimes.
You may think I'm crazy, but I'll continue to rhyme.

I don't care about body & don't care about mind,
as they'll fall into shadow, slowly as time's passing by.

I'm not a chaser, but an acceptor as a whole.
I'm not ambitious, neither I set my goal.

I just accept the bounties of life, to be plain,
without even thinking, without making one single complain.

Right now I feel elated, so fresh like morning dew,
as sun shines high spreading its majestic golden hue!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Side effect !!!

Suddenly, one day, if you wake up,
         feeling fresh & wild like hail.
you just don't know what is it like...
   just got hypnotized under its mesmerizing spell !

Everything seems so perfect, just seems dreamlike,
You're actually living your dream, just the way you visualise.

Sailing through glittery river,
       with your perfect lover sideby...
wanna be lost in his arms,
        bading whole world a careless goodbye.

Sky full of fireworks, land full of sparkling mazes,
you're living in an oasis, avoiding all lusty gazes.

You wanna be loved, you wanna be kissed,
         wanna be the only one in his eyes...
Can't think of hurting him, can't think of leaving him,
         if so, you'll surely die.

Then suddenly he disappears, suddenly he's gone,
            leaving you in total emptyness...
Suddenly you're hurt, suddenly you're torn,
           suddenly you've lost your only living base.

You wanna weep, you wanna cry...
           really really hard.
You wanna run, you wanna hide...
          like a little helpless bird.

But as time passes, if you're healed
          and accept your fate
you must know, you weren't in love...
         but gone through a mere side effect.

True love isn't that perfect,
              true love isn't that mad.
It doesn't drag you, but makes world better,                  
             the one, which you already have !!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The ticking Clock...

Tick, tock ,tring, tring...
The round clock on the sand,
pointing the number twelve...
with both of its metallic hands.

The land is covered in dark,
under the canopy of night sky.
All men, retired to home...
under soft blankets, they all lie.

Time is turning in its own giant wheel,
infants grow old and injuries are slowly healed.

But the clock remains half burried,
under the yellow dusty sand.
Unnoticed, unwanted and...
without being touched by any human hands.

The clock continues ticking
just for the sake of it...
without stopping once, without any rest...
without even knowing, what really it is.

Suddenly, one day, it feels a touch...
on its round metal head.
So soft, so lovely...
so full of new colourful shades.

The clock finds a little human face,
glowing with suppressed glee.
She has lifted the clock up
and runs towards a nearby tree.

"Papa I've found a ticking clock" she screamed...
"Now we can celebrate the exact time,
                      when new year comes in!!!"

The clock feels good
and feeling an entire new joy...
realising that it's a giver after all...
not just a mere junky toy.

It'll now tick & chime happily,
                                     as it has found its final destination...
It'll give her the joy,
                 as she'll take part in the new year celebration!!! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


In the middle of space, without any haste,
with planets & earth around;
through galaxy of light, feeling light as a kite,
I am flying away from ground.

Feeling no pain, no loss no gain,
neither feeling wild;
just flowing on, neither whole nor torn,
as the destiny's sole child.

I need no wings, to reach the high sky...
I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming up high!!!

Under the deep blue sea,I found it's only me
neither happy nor too sad;
just careless & free, I wander & see,
neither the good nor the bad.

Deep blue fades to aqua
                & aqua turns sea green
as night turns into day
                & slowly evening breaks in

I don't wanna lose, I don't wanna keep...
I'm dreaming , I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming down deep!!!

Surrounded by trees, water, soil,
Dunno if it's peace or turmoil
I'm walking on a road, walking all alone
whether it is known or towards absolute unknown

Roaming through hills & falls, on the earth ball,
with creatures of dark & light;
   in storm, in rain, neither sane nor insane,
in colourful days & black'n white nights.

I am seeing the sight & hearing the sound...
I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming around!!!

Dunno if it's true or illusion of mind,
dunno what is it, to which I'm inclined
Don't care what you say, it's the matter of faith,
it's the life, or on which the entire life is based.

I'll keep my faith as long as I stay...
I'll never quit dreaming,
                                I'll be dreaming always!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I realize...

the key of creation is unsatisfaction, unhappyness sometimes boredom,
but the key of great creation is true pain & true passion !!!

It is your degrees that reflect your status, but it is your hobbies that reflect your true self!!!

Life is a journey through fantasyland,
you just go on & on & on...                  
never stop untill you find,
the dead end of your lifetime!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

LEGENDARY....My Way!!!

I'm a warrior, owner of power,
riding on a horseback through land.
wearing a grey hood, in the dense wood,
holding royal sword in my hand.

With my sharp eyes & quick brain,
ready to die & ready to slain,
at needs.
Children of land, will be hearing in songs,
about all of my glorious deeds.

Sometimes I save, sometimes I need to be
saved from.
Sometimes I win, sometimes just lost in an
old dusty form.

But I fight with all my might,
in a way of my own.
Sometimes blood, sometimes flesh,
n' sometimes giving up my bones,

I won't grow up, I won't die,
I'll remain as same as today...
In every century I fight n' ride my horse,
in my unique, very own way!!!

I dunno what I want...

May be a rose, may be a thorn,
may be an eve, may be just the dawn.

A search has been just started on...
as I dunno what is it, that I want.

May be home, may be street,
may be just wanna scream "this is it".

The search just goes on & on & on...
as I dunno what is it, that I want.

May be the starlit sky or up above the high.
May be down to earth & on the soil I lie.

the hunt'll never die & never be gone...
as I dunno what is it, that I want.

May be the colours of rainbow & its clarity,
may be just the white light & its purity,

I'll continue to look & continue to hunt...
as I dunno what is it, that I want,

May be glamour, may be dazzling
life as a whole
May be just a shy simple folk ,
                      with a pure glowing soul.

I'm still looking for it with my blood & bones...
as I dunno what is it I want & what should I own.

This search is a life long journey indeed,
transfers from life to life as it needs,
as the search of self is the ultimate...
once achieved, you'll be at your "Freedom Gate".

The Orange Street

It's the season of frost,
the greens are all lost,
it is icy & white,
with its cold freezing bites.

Whenever I look down I see it...
the glowy old orange street.

It's the time of night,
whether in peace or in fight,
the same way it exists...
as it is the pure trusty orange street.

In the time of fall,
if you're there at all,
you are gonna see it...
as it is the good old orange street.

Sitting in room & staring outside,
my mind wanders & glides,
in every emotion I feel it...
the existance of an
orange orange street.

Heaven in here...

All people of land,
come forward holding your hands,
It's an opportunity so rare,
Let's make it a heaven in here...

Don't look back in time,
neither plan the future in your mind,
It's the present, you have it bare,
just make a piece of heaven in here.

Don't be happy, don't be shy,
neither you laugh, nor you cry,
think 'bout greater good & share...
the lil' drop of heaven in here.

Enlighten your mind, with the light of truth,
follow your conscience & use your youth.
It is a rare chance, if you realise...
making heaven on earth, if you are wise.
It is your soul that you need to care,
the gateway of heaven just lies
beneath there.

* Abandoned Kid *

As the seasons are passing by,
with golden days & silvery nights.
She is searching & sigh,
asking for a little love to any passersby.

A little love is all she needs...
as she is the abandoned kid!!!

With her black eyes & brown skin,
she keeps on seeing.
With hopes & light in her eyes,
wanna be loved by human beings.

A little smile is all she needs ...
as she is the abandoned kid!!!

In a dazzling daylight ,
when sun shines bright,
she wanders here & there,
in the earthy golden sight.

A little hope is all she needs...
as she is the abandoned kid!!!

Suddenly it starts to rain,
turning sky grey n' earth green,
she feels clear water hitting on her face,
making the fresh & cleanliness to flow   through her veins.

A friendly hand is all she needs...
as she is the abandoned kid!!!

Suddenly, the rain stops & a soft sun rises,
in the cloudy sky.
At last the search, the demand
and the hunt die.
She is sleeping closing her eyes,
on flower & grass, underneath the
rainbowy sky.
Smiling at last as she is rising high,
leaving the earthy world far far behind.

She found at last the peace indeed...
LUCKY!!! that she was an abandoned kid.

A moonlit night...

It's a moonlit night
I'm seeing through my window & sigh,
above the cloud & stars...
there's still a pitch black sky!!!

Seeing the silver moon
it'll fade out soon
by the burning daylight
like just another dreamy night

I'm lonely and lost
trying to gather my thoughts
just wanna sail away...
from the hot bright sunray!!!

I am fade & torn
I am here alone
living in shadow of dark
with my dreams & lil' luck

So in the inky sky
I wanna fly high
with my soul & sight...
It's just another moonlit night!!!