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Saturday, January 2, 2010

LEGENDARY....My Way!!!

I'm a warrior, owner of power,
riding on a horseback through land.
wearing a grey hood, in the dense wood,
holding royal sword in my hand.

With my sharp eyes & quick brain,
ready to die & ready to slain,
at needs.
Children of land, will be hearing in songs,
about all of my glorious deeds.

Sometimes I save, sometimes I need to be
saved from.
Sometimes I win, sometimes just lost in an
old dusty form.

But I fight with all my might,
in a way of my own.
Sometimes blood, sometimes flesh,
n' sometimes giving up my bones,

I won't grow up, I won't die,
I'll remain as same as today...
In every century I fight n' ride my horse,
in my unique, very own way!!!

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