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Saturday, January 21, 2012


With the nightfall,
                          I fall.
With the moonrise,
                          I glow...
As the stars shine,
                    against the black sky
and the gentle breeze,
                     starts to blow.

Water of lake, shudders in fear,
                   being touched by the wild storm.
Scars appear, breaking the still,
                   calm surface and her warmth...

Storm howls wildly, around the water,
                      embracing her, meaning no harm...
Kissing her eagerly, with utter passion
                        inviting her with open arms.

Lake feels new, lake feels unknown,
                      but got drawn, to her new mate...
sensing the love, beneath the wild...
                      she submits herself, to the wild fate.

Curtain of rain, pouring down,
                    shedding me from the human crowd...
piercing my heart, rain moves on,
                    to meet the earth, to nourish the ground.

Thunder cloud, covers the moon,
                      engulfing her in fierce dark...
roaring loudly, flashing lightning...
                       it's letting out, a triumphant bark.

Smiling softly, moon enlightens,
                  ALL that fall, in her line of sight...
as the cloud approaches nearer,
                  got enlightened by soft moonlight.

Darkness defeated, light has won,
                   spreading the aura of pure essence...
light says to dark, with pitying eyes,
                   "You are just my mere absence."

Storm meets lake, rain kisses earth,
                    moon is playing, with thunder cloud...
Universe is blessed, with so much LOVE,
                    each is unique, all around.

Why do I need, just one man...
                  just one soul, to pour my heart?
While I've got, the WHOLE universe,
                  with so much love,
                              of which I am a part !!!