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Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh God !!!

Take my hand,
guide me through the path of life...

From the darkness,
take me to the purity and light.

From the maze,
help me to find the way out...

From my heart,
remove all the pain and doubt.

Put me on a blindfold and hold me,
enlightening my inner sight,
Oh God! lead me, lead me to you,
to the truth and to the right.

From the mirage,
from the illusion of world...

Clutches of earthy sentiments,
which always makes me fall.

Take me away,
away from delusions of mind...

Just hold me please
destroying all the binds.

I submit myself,with blind trust,
I am submitting myself to you...

Just be with me God, just be with me
I can't be without you.

Earthy body, earthy mind,
from them just make me free...
Oh God! take my soul, draw me in you
forever, for eternity !!!