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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The lost path...

Staring up at the night sky,
trying to trace the way,
 which used to be my light...

I see the stars, I see the moon,
seems like just 
the passers by !!!

Seems known, yet so unknown
full of delusions,
full of lies...

Trying to find the path 
which just used to be
my soul, my inner sight!!!

Seems like it's gone, seems it's lost
seems got buried
deep inside...

The path of mine,
I used to own
the sole sanctuary, used to be mine!!!

The path of truth,
enlightening the earth
light up the entire, vast black sky...

So pure, with its soft glow,
 used to soothe down
my aching heart and tormented mind!!!

Need to be free, once again,
need to regain
my old sight...

Leaving behind, all earthy illusions
all the smiles, all the joys
all painful cries !!!

I let my soul, be free again,
I let my mind
to fly high...

to get merged with the essence
n' finding once again,
my true self, a truer life!!!

Through the galaxy, once again
I'll fly
like a free bird...

As a single soul, as a free spirit
with a pure and
with a golden heart !!!