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Friday, August 31, 2012

Rain soaked sunbeam ~~~

The soft, orange, dusky sun,
touches me with grace...
It lights up the shadows,
across my worn out face.

I close my eyes,
just feeling the gleam...
the orange blessing,
from the horizon rim.

Aura of gold, just filtering through
the tinted fleecy cloud...
falling on earth, with a shimmery hue
not so shiny, not so loud.

Heat turns to warmth,
from yellow to pink...
summoning the eve,
to get merged in sync.

Should chase my dream
which i used to think...
In a sudden whim, I just, 
let it go in a blink.

Dreams are to dream,
dreams are to feel...
not to drag it down,
in real life reel.

Should be treasured with care,
in the corner of my mind...
Whenever I want, whenever I wish,
it's only for me to find.

Soft sun, golden earth,
seems different, seems a new realm...
Finally I've got, my very own
rain soaked golden sunbeam.