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Monday, January 30, 2012


Have you felt it
          have you touched it
                                       have you been through the path?

Have you searched for it
                 and have you found that it
                                 is so soft n' tender, as an art...

Have you known the feel
           the grace within...
                                           Have you found the archway of life?

Have you walked on it?
            feeling the bliss
                                         with your soul got so revived...

Have you found it red
           like rose petals
                                    Have you tried to kiss it by...

Have you found it pure
            that heals even
                                                 the deepest scar, of your mind....

Have you seen the fire
   within the ice
                                               Have you seen it melts the snow...

Passion of red
              is mixing with white
                                                    giving a soft, gentle and a pink glow...

The LOVE that is
             have you realized
                                          have you found it in that way?

Showered by stars,
        embraced in petals
                                       enlightened with golden sun rays

Then I'm not
            am simply not
                                    the soul that can say...

that I've touched
                  by the blessing of LOVE
                                 in each and every way...

A feeling has grown
            a feeling has started
                                        to spread through entire me...

Leaving behind
            an aching heart
                so confused, devoid of glee

My heart is shedding
             droplets of blood
                  my mind is clutched in chains...

             as gashes on snow
                                   every now, then n' again

The feeling is blind
              is deaf as well
                                              it builds up an endless maze...

I'm running around
             to find a way out
                                                searching like mad, with teary gaze

Screams of mine
                          are imprisoned n' trapped
                                        inside the dark, stony walls...

Empty echos
             choking my breath
                                            pulling me down n' making me fall 

The red of passion 
            heat of fire
                                             I don't know, still unknown

I've just seen the RED
           blood n' scarlet
                                            that's my LOVE, my very own...

My LOVE is pain
         my LOVE is scar
                                           and is bathed in a single shade

All I can say
                          from bottom of my heart
                             that the colour of my LOVE is raw n' RED!!!

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