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Monday, January 30, 2012

***Starlight ***

Sprinkles of light
            sparkling and glittering,
covering the vast night sky...

Ornamenting universe
             complementing the moon...
creating beauty, drawing all eyes.

I'm gazing up high,
           to the heavenly sight
feeling my soul
           got flooded by starlight!

Have you ever thought
            of leaving the earth
                    far far behind...

To explore universe
                to find a path...
leading straight to human mind !

If you fly away
               from mortal world
as a soul, feather light...

You'll find a river
              ancient and old
sparkling with pride, in orange twilight.

In the rain,
               it is rainbow
when sun touches the cloudy sky...

In bright day, 
              its hidden
under bright and golden sunlight.

During the night, 
            it appears
enormous, in black sky...

a starry galaxy, 
            leading to unknown
up, above & away from sight.

Closing my eyes,
           I dream to fly
to touch the unknown, at the height...

feeling the night,
        I feel my soul
got flooded by, dazzling starlight!

Tears from heaven.
             frozen in midway
or just the laughter, reckless in sight...

Far away
             hence seems so soft,
but they are fiery, deep inside.

Golden or silver
           fiery or soothing
no colour is offered in the light...

It seems new, 
         different may be
but is unique, pure and bright.

Inhaling the bliss
            as sleep takes over
my body, my mind, in a way so right...

Waking in dreamworld
            I feel myself 
glowing under dazzling starlight!

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