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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Side effect !!!

Suddenly, one day, if you wake up,
         feeling fresh & wild like hail.
you just don't know what is it like...
   just got hypnotized under its mesmerizing spell !

Everything seems so perfect, just seems dreamlike,
You're actually living your dream, just the way you visualise.

Sailing through glittery river,
       with your perfect lover sideby...
wanna be lost in his arms,
        bading whole world a careless goodbye.

Sky full of fireworks, land full of sparkling mazes,
you're living in an oasis, avoiding all lusty gazes.

You wanna be loved, you wanna be kissed,
         wanna be the only one in his eyes...
Can't think of hurting him, can't think of leaving him,
         if so, you'll surely die.

Then suddenly he disappears, suddenly he's gone,
            leaving you in total emptyness...
Suddenly you're hurt, suddenly you're torn,
           suddenly you've lost your only living base.

You wanna weep, you wanna cry...
           really really hard.
You wanna run, you wanna hide...
          like a little helpless bird.

But as time passes, if you're healed
          and accept your fate
you must know, you weren't in love...
         but gone through a mere side effect.

True love isn't that perfect,
              true love isn't that mad.
It doesn't drag you, but makes world better,                  
             the one, which you already have !!!

1 comment:

Rowan Moses said...

The One who I love does not Exist

Ever since I was a lad you were in my dreams
Caressing me and telling me that I always had the comfort of you arms
Taking care of me and forgiving my rash actions

You do not exist not because I wish you did not exist
Nor is it fear that prevents me from seeking you out
Is it that I am too proud?
It cannot be because you would overcome that
Is it the bitterness in my heart?
That you could destroy with a sweet smile

You do not exist because I cannot love!!!!!