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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

At the End...

Sometimes, everything seems meaningless. It seems like a strange emptiness, travelling through the mind & making dark hollows inside us. A road, an empty road, a misty road leading nowhere is lying down in front of the eyes. Darkness seems inviting rather than brightness. Shadow becomes shelter rather than the spotlight. The eyes are just tired of searching; the mind’s gone numb from exhaustion. Stopping then and there with blank mind and immovable limbs, searching is stopped. Calmness has been spread. No longer longing, no longer hunting, no longer searching and no longer waiting… all ruffling of mind has been ceased, all disturbances have been faded , all human urges are being lost, leaving behind a human body and a trapped soul. The soul needs to be freed, freed from the prison of broken limbs. But waiting has to be done till the moment, till the time has come… 

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